Time for Fresh Thinking

Time for Fresh Thinking

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Time for Fresh Thinking is a campaign working to end the stigma experienced by families who have a child with mental health difficulties. On the 1st of the month throughout 2019 we will release a new animation showing an example of a stigma laden comment said to a parent about their child or directly to a young person. Each month will focus on a particular area of family life and examine how stigma can be stopped in that environment.


My family has experienced stigma like this. We're really sorry to hear that. If you want to share your experience(s) we would really like to hear from you. We are collating data on the stigma families face so that it can inform this campaign, government bodies and research to affect lasting change.

I would NEVER say something like that. Great!! We need wonderful people like you to commit to challenging stigma the next time you hear it. Politely of course! Stigma is ended one person at a time, so we want to build a groundswell of people who have the confidence to speak up for what we all know is right.

I'll say what I like. So what? Why should I care? You know what - you don't have to - it's your choice!! But remember your throw away comment will never be forgotten by that parent or their child. So please, think before you speak and don't cause unnecessary pain to families who already have enough to cope with. 










She Looks So Normal ...

1st February 2019 


Our 2nd animation highlights a comment heard too often by many parents & carers...


Your Child Is Like A ...

1st January 2019


This animation is the first in a series of 12 to be released throughout 2019. 

These animations have no context because there is NO context that would ever make saying this to a parent ok.

Introducing 'stigma' - see what affect it's words have on a family... watch the damage it does and how it stays with families.

Can You Guarantee ...

1st March 2019 


IF ONLY... HOW??? Our 3rd animation focuses on a question parents/carers of a child who self harms would do anything to be able to answer 'Yes". Asking it implies otherwise...

If You Were A Good Parent ...

1st May 2019 


If a parent/carer asks for some accomodation when making an appointment, it is important to us: our child also needs a roof over their head, food to eat etc etc.

All They Need Is ...

1st July 2019 


Not all stigma is obvious or said to be unkind but that doesn’t make it hurt less.

Watch our 7th animation & hear the underlying message....
“If you loved your child enough, they wouldn’t have mental health issues.”

He's The Worst ...

1st October 2019 


It may be almost #Halloween 🎃 but please avoid demonising children and young people struggling with their mental health.

You are just ...

1st December 2019 


Our Christmas Wish is this is the last time we hear these words said to or about a child or young person with mental health difficulties. Let’s start from “all behaviour is communication” and this may be a cry for help... Give the gifts of time, understanding & compassion this Christmas.

You Must Not Tell Anyone ...

1st April 2019 


REALLY??? WHY??? How about instead you must not say this to parents, carers & families of a child with mental health difficulties? 

You Are A Waste Of ...

1st June 2019 


This was said to a young person who thankfully survived attempting suicide.

As The Dalai Lama said,”Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.”

I Don't Have Time To ...

1st September 2019 


All of us have feelings all of the time…

It might not be your ‘core role’ but supporting someone with how they feel not only helps them cope better, it makes a positive outcome more likely for you! #compassion

Soldiers who ...

1st November 2019 


We all feel for a reason and not knowing/understanding someone else's reason doesn't make their reason less real.